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INSTAND e.V Germany

INSTAND e. V. is an interdisciplinary, not-for-profit, scientific medical society with over 300 members. It has been organising EQAs as part of external quality assurance in the area of haematology since 1968. In 1970, this service was extended to include nearly all areas of laboratory diagnostics.

INSTAND e.V are the biggest EQA providers in Germany and are working in accordance with the RiliBAK. They have been providing quality assurance since 1970 and have over 12000 lab participants.

INSTAND e. V. is one of three reference institutions appointed by the German Medical Association and, thus, responsible for the organisation of EQAs for quality control in medical laboratories.  

INSTAND e.V. currently offers around 350 EQA tests for various areas of laboratory diagnostics. 

All EQAs offered by INSTAND e.V. are accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

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