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Heinz Herenz, Germany

They have been selling laboratory supplies, disposable items for hospitals, and microbiology accessories for almost 70 years.

Their variety of products ranges from swab brushes, swab sticks, alcohol swabs, blood lancets, and tourniquets to urine sample cups and cotton swabs. They supply microscope slides, cover glasses, pipettes as well as laboratory glass, and laboratory bottles. We also offer disinfectants, scalpel blades, and ultrasound gel. One of their business areas is the production of disposable items for hospitals and microbiology accessories.

Since their foundation in 1949, their range has been changing steadily, because we adapt to progress so that today we offer a wide range of laboratory supplies.

Their products for laboratory use and microbiology accessories, which comply with strict hygienic regulations, are of high quality and CE-certified. They are guided by the latest research results and are constantly setting new standards through their own patents and property rights.

Customer satisfaction is the essential factor of their success.
We achieve this through their many years of experience and an open ear for your wishes and special needs.

Their customers appreciate their high-quality products at traditionally attractive prices.

MADE IN GERMANY is very important to them.

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